Jutta A. Lupprich
Born in Salzburg (Austria), dental assistant, surveyor engineer, graduate in dramatic arts (scenography and costume design).

She has worked at major European opera festivals, in theatres across Europe and the Americas (Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, USA, Sweden, Denmark, France and Greece), and is co-founder and artistic director of the Teatro de Repertorio in Buenos Aires.

She has lived in La Rioja since 2005, and since her retirement she has been restoring furniture and making art with recycled wood, paper and textiles.


Jutta retired in 2017 but she did not lose that sense of curiosity, the need to seek out something beyond the “normal”.

She has always been creative and her professional training as a surveyor and scenographer gives her the tools to bring her ideas to life.

She draws inspiration from people passing by, from news, from events, from a sentence in a book, from life itself.

And, lately, the urge to pay respect to the environment has driven her to work only with recycled and recyclable materials. She has her own property where she exhibits her work, which she says is “a great gift that I am very grateful for”.

The “buy-use-throw away” mentality is so deeply entrenched in our society that we don’t realise the damage we’re doing to ourselves. Art in all its forms is a way to put the finger on the problem and push the viewer to think about it for a moment, at least, and can even bring about a change of attitude.

You don’t have to become an artist, but if we think a little before throwing away something that has outlived its usefulness (keep using it for a while longer, donate it to charity, etc.) then the world will become a little nicer.