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1 Kilómetro de Arte (1 Kilometre of Art) is the place where tourism and culture meet, a participatory space where a permanent artistic intervention is created every year in the physical kilometre between the crossroads of the French Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James) and the Church of San Saturnino, located on the hill that marks the town centre.

This is an open-air museum that connects with the values that are the hallmarks of the people of Ventosa, a community long familiar with trade and, because of the Camino de Santiago, with interacting and coexisting with neighbours from nearby and distant places.


The purpose of the initiative is to reinforce the community’s social identity and boost the local economy by promoting coexistence between the people of Ventosa, artists, and pilgrims travelling the Camino de Santiago.

The project harnesses culture as a tool for social cohesion, a benchmark of identity, a space for diversity and a territory for creation within a sustainable ecosystem. Although it spearheads the project, the Ventosa Town Council delegates its management to a Kilómetro del Arte Committee composed of local associations and residents that encourages citizen meetings, engagement and cultural voluntary work.

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We have created this application for blind or visually impaired people so that they can take an autonomous and safe tour of the physical space of the Art Kilometer and enjoy the artworks.