Toño Naharro (Navarrete, 1967) is a sculptor and ceramist from La Rioja who works in Navarrete, a town with a long history of pottery making. It is there that he runs the Alma de Cántaro project, dedicated to creating and promoting pottery and ceramics, both traditional and contemporary, and to researching new ceramic forms.

He has received several national pottery awards and has participated in various exhibitions at different galleries and exhibition halls and participated in the 16th edition of Arte en la Tierra (Santa Lucía de Ocón).

He is a dedicated artist who taught for years at the Logroño Penitentiary Centre, a ground-breaking initiative in northern Spain, and actively collaborates with the NGO Tierra de Hombres in the “Viaje hacia la vida” (Journey Towards Life) cooperation project, teaching the women potters of Niabina, a village in Mauritania, how to throw pottery on a wheel.


Toño Naharro (Navarrete, 1967) participated in several successive editions of the project in the town of Ventosa. These resulted in works such as Ensartando pensamientos (Stringing Together Thoughts), Cosas que viajan (Things That Travel) and Huellas de peregrino (Pilgrim Footprints).

Participation served as the core foundation that shaped these works, with locals, pilgrims and visitors participating in their creation. A highlight was the participation of students from 10 different countries who visited the school I.E.S. Tomas y Valiente de Fuenmayor as part of the European Union’s Comenius Programme.