Carlos Corres (Bilbao, 1973)
Riojan by choice and graduate from the University of Salamanca with a degree in Fine Arts. He is a visual artist whose work has been exhibited in various countries on several continents. He explores reality by creating new conceptual approaches to conceiving the image through a hybrid figurative style based on pseudo-abstraction.

His success has not been without awards and recognitions, including the Medal of Honour in the XIX BMW Painting Award, first place in the II Certamen Nacional de Pintura Parlamento de La Rioja (National Painting Competition of the Parliament of La Rioja) and Best Painting at the V Certamen de Pintura Deportiva MARCA (MARCA Sports Painting Competition).

A prolific artist, he has also made extensive contributions to the world of art from an educational point of view, as a juror for various awards and as an exhibition curator.

He was a founding partner of Globartia, a company that specialises in the creation of giant murals, and is currently developing exciting projects like Espacio Mural®, an on-demand mural creation platform, Wine Marker®, a brand dedicated to bringing together winemaking and culture with events and products, and Food Painting®, which combines art and gastronomy.


The 1 Km de Arte commission’s proposal for this unusual 2020 project had a dual objective:
To make the Mercado del Trato visible through this year’s work, since there is no symbol anywhere in the town of one of the most important events that happen there.

To bring this project to life, we had to come up with a mural and find an artist who could paint it and fully understand that everything is participative in 1 Km de Arte. We called in Carlos Corres to help achieve our goals in the best possible way. His technical and artistic skills are unquestionable, but he is also very sociable and enjoys sharing and listening to opinions.

Trato Vegetal is the name he gave to the project from the start, when he realised that the wall should be decorated with the colours of the earth and vegetation around Ventosa. To that end, he proposed a workshop so that people who were interested could express their ideas on the subject. Corres studied these proposals and came up with four options; the one with the most votes ended up being the final work.


Trato vegetal


Video Transcript
“…from the very start I saw clearly that the wall should be decorated with the colours of the earth and vegetation around Ventosa”