1 | St. Saturnino Church

Ashlar building with a square tower made of brick in the end of XVII over the ashlar of a previous one on the top of a hill of Ventosa.

In the XIth century there was an abbey in honour of San Saturnino (or Saint-Sernin, the first bishop of Toulouse during the third century). At the end of XVIth Century when the main altarpiece is built, it was devoted to him. The link to the Bishop of Toulouse is kept up to now being the patron Saint of the place.

It is worthwhile visiting the XVIth gothic façade and two minor altarpieces dedicated to the White Virgin and to the Carmen Virgin.

2 | City Hall

First data about the existence of Ventosa date from XIth Century when belonged to the Abbey of Saint Millan.

It is also mentioned in the “Fueros de Nájera and Logroño” in 1020 and 1095.

In the population census of the Castilian kingdom there were 50 families (about 250 inhabitants) and 771 in year 1842. From then on a continuous decline up to nowadays with 164 inhabitants although it is keeping a positive trend in the last ten years.

The local district of Ventosa is small and rough but it is strategically situated in the main axis between Navarra and the Ebro basin up to the Castilian plateau. These reasons have made some inhabitants walked across the ways and devoted to trade.

During the celebration days there is a dance in honour of the White Virgin. This dance is one of the eldest in La Rioja and has kept unaltered for ages

3 | Hotel Las Águedas

Little charming hotel that is an oasis in the way of St. James and a perfect place to start to visit La Rioja.

Las Aguedas building is a XVIIIth mansion carefully restored to offer modern and comfortable rooms opened in 2012. It has 7 double rooms 2 halls, bar, veranda and garden. Free Wifi and car park. In this nice homely hotel guests are treated warmly to enjoy the stay and the surroundings.

Address: Plaza de Santa Coloma, 11. Ventosa. 26371 (La Rioja)
Reservation Phone: 941 441 774

4 | Ancient pilgrim Hospital

Eliseo Saenz Ripa and Gabriel Moya give documentary evidence about the existence of a Hospital in Ventosa in years 1162 and 1180. The “Catastro del Marques de la Ensenada” in 1751 mentioned the presence of a Hospital House in Ventosa and Govantes in 1846 quoted a Hospital in town too.

The hospital has been linked to a House in High street with a flat arcade on Toscany Columns one of each has a carved cross with a six tip star inside.

5 | San Saturnino pilgrim Hostel

Hostel with Modern facilities for the pilgrim to have a rest. Full equipped Kitchen, garden and halls. 2, 6 and 8 bunk Bedrooms Washing and drying machine, Wifi and Tourist information.

Address: Calle Mayor, 33. Ventosa. 26371 (La Rioja)
Reservvation Phone: 941 441 899 / 657 823 740

6 | Restaurant Buen Camino

Bar restaurant at the entrance of the town inaugurated in 2013. Opens daily 6:30-dinner time offering lunch, dish of the day, sandwiches, tapas…etc .Wifi, terrace full equipped toilet…

Address: Travesía San Roque, 3. Ventosa. 26371 (La Rioja)
Phone: 619 806 796

7 | Ventosa´s Bar

Restaurant offering breakfast, Lunch, dish of the day. Large Terrace and Wifi.

April and May: Sunday to Thursday 08:00-21:30 h. / Friday, Saturday and holiday eves 07:00-00:30 h.
June to October: Sunday to Thursday 07:00-22:00 h. / Friday, Saturday and holiday eves 08:00-00:30 h.
November to March Sunday to Thursday 09:30-17:30 h. / Friday, Saturday and holiday eves 09:30-00:00 h.
Sunday 09:30-22:00 h.

Address: Calle San Roque, s/n. Ventosa. 26371 (La Rioja)

8 | Loft&Garden | Gite

Tourist lodging opened in 2013 situated in a rural area and surrounded by a fantastic landscape. Strategic location to get to know La Rioja (Abbey route, wine cellars way of St James).

80 m2 personal loft with a big bedroom including fireplace, library, bathroom, toilet and full equipped kitchen, glazed living room facing a barbecue garden. Pets are allowedAdmite mascotas.

Address: Callejón San Andrés, 3, Ventosa. 26371 (La Rioja)

Reservation Phone: 607 855 432 (Pilar Fernández)


9 | Alvia Winery

Located in the way of St. James. A 30 Hectare state vineyards aged 80-103 which produce great quality wines brand “Livius” and “Mileto”.

Livius are manual single-variety wines hand harvested at dusk and dawn in plastic boxes for the whole grapes to enter the Bodega, where are selected. Quality Fruits and selected casks turn grapes into an excellent wine full of flavours surprising the consumer.

Address: Camino de Ventosa s/n, Ventosa. 26371 (La Rioja)

Phone: 941 441 905


A | Moncalvillo Mountain Bike Area

250 Km sign routes for all level riders spread all over municipal districts of Daroca de Rioja, Entrena, Fuenmayor, Hornos de Moncalvillo, Medrano, Navarrete, Sojuela, Sotes y Ventosa ranging from the Ebro Valley to the tops of Moncalvillo range.

Two Information centres in Fuenmayor and Navarrete. The routes are certified by IMBA.
Routes number 8 “Viamolinos”, 17 “Valdefuentes” and 20 “Alto de San Antón” start in Ventosa.

Further infor:

B | The way of St. James

The way of St. James is one of the most important culture itineraries.

In the world and each year is walked by a higher number of pilgrims. En 2013, 215000 people got the “compostelana” and a 70% went through the French way.

Most of Pilgrims entering in Ventosa arrive in between April and October and are daily more than double population in the village (164 inhabitants in 2012). In certain days these figures may increase up to 700 people. So the way is a very important profit for these little towns without economic resources.

C | 1 Kilómetro del Arte

This project is situated between the crossing of the way of St. James and the way to Navarrete and the church of St. Saturnino in the top of the village.

The performaces take place along the kilometre and inside the urban area. The most durable art works are located in these places and also will be placed there in next editions of the project.